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  • Startug

    Hey guys, bad news. The show has been cancelled after only six episodes and some lackluster ratings. They were working on some more scripts, but I'm sure that it is now official that there will be no more episodes. Sorry.

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  • Startug

    Hey guys, Startug here with the first of many weekly blogs. Today I'm going to discuss the show, and the hopeful second season.

    I started by watching the movie a few months ago, and I heard about the show having six produced episodes and seven scripted episodes yet to be produced. I'm hoping that Napoleon Dynamite comes for a second season, as I enjoyed the first one. I remember FOX renewing the show for seven additional scripts, but as of now, they have not ordered the episodes.

    Sorry for the short blog, but I'll be back next week. The question of the week is: "Should the show be renewed for a second season?" Leave your comments or thoughts in the section down below. Thanks!

    -Startug - Proud Beavis and Butt-head wiki administrator. 03:18, March…

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