Trisha Stevens
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Trisha Stevens
Summer Wheatley (best friend)
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Trisha Stevens

Trisha Drawing

Napoleon's drawing of Trisha.

Trisha Stevens is Napoleon Dynamite's crush. She is portrayed by Emily Kennard.


Trisha is much like Summer, in that she is stuck up. She often makes Napoleon feel bad, like when she just gets up and leaves Napoleon when he is talking to her. She is nice around her friends, however.


Trisha is often seen hanging around with the popular group, namely her friends, Don and Summer. She is in the happy hands club, but does not appear to be in any physical clubs. In the movie, Napoleon draws a picture of her and gives it to her mother, Ilene, to give to her, in hopes that she will go to the upcoming school dance with him. Uncle Rico tells Ilene that Napoleon is bullied and wets the bed, which convinces her to force Trisha to go with him. Trisha calls Napoleon and tells him she can go to the dance with him, of course with Ilene right beside her.

At the dance, Napoleon speaks to her, but she gets up and leaves to be with Don and Summer. After the dance, she helps Summer's campaign to be class president for the rest of the movie, from handing out buttons to performing in her skit. Unfortunately, Summer loses, and Trisha is not seen anywhere for the rest of the movie.

Trisha does not appear in the animated series.