Scantronica Love
Season 1, Episode 2
Scantronica Love
Air date January 15, 2012
Written by Julie Thacker Scully
Directed by Raymie Muzquiz
Episode Guide

Scantronica Love is the second episode of the Napoleon Dynamite TV series. Napoleon's class are paired up using a scantron machine, while Kip and Uncle Rico attempt to get rich off of Kip's entertainment skills.


It is a project day in Professor Koontz's room, and after Don finishes his project, Professor Koontz shows off his scantron machine, the Scantronica 3000. He assigns everyone a questionnaire to fill out and to bring back the next day. Meanwhile, Kip shows off his skills contact juggling to Grandma, who couldn't care less, but Uncle Rico believes he could perform at birthday parties.

The next day, Scantronica 3000 pairs people up. Pedro is paired up Summer (to her dismay), Napoleon is paired up with Tokiko, the new student, and Deb is paired up with Don. Napoleon takes interest in Tokiko due to her skills with a katana, Don invites Deb over to his house and Pedro takes Summer to a mini-putt golf course.

Napoleon decides to take Tokiko to the Rex Kwon Do Dojo. However, Tokiko just wants to be a normal American girl and not have her Japanese culture affect her life in Preston, so she decides to just stay friends with Napoleon.

At the golf course, Summer is still crying about Don, when she is bit by a venomous snake. Pedro leaps into action by pulling the snake off of her and spitting out the venom, impressing Summer.

At Don's home, Deb meets Don's family, mainly the female side.