Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico
Full Name
Uncle Rico
Grandma Dynamite (aunt)
Napoleon (nephew)
Kip (nephew)
First Appearance
Portrayed by
Voiced by

Rico Dynamite is Napoleon and Kip's uncle. He comes to take care of Napoleon and Kip after their grandma breaks her coccyx at the sand dunes. He is portrayed by Jon Gries.


After Napoleon and Kip's grandma breaks her coccyx, their grandma calls Uncle Rico to take care of both of them while she is in the hospital. Kip is happy and doesn't mind that his uncle stays while Napoleon hates it. Uncle Rico then starts spreading rumors about Napoleon to make more money for his business with Kip. He makes Deb hate Napoleon after he offers her breast implants, saying it was "Napoleon's idea." He then gets back with Tammy at the end of the movie, who was his ex-girlfriend. He was also beat up by Rex, after Rico was getting a little too close to his wife trying to offer her breast implants.

"Kip, I reckon you know a lot about...cyberspace?"
—Uncle Rico


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