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Randy is a student at Preston High. He is seen bullying Napoleon, Seth, and other people weaker than himself. He is portrayed by Bracken Johnson.


Randy's first chronological appearance was in Peluca. He harrasses Seth in the classroom by grabbing his shoulders really hard. Pedro intervenes by hitting Randy. This is his last appearance in the short.


Randy is next seen pushing Napoleon into lockers, and banging his head against lockers. He sometimes bullies for his own satisfaction, but he also is seen extorting money (50 cents), tater tots (though he doesn't get them) and forcing a kid to let him borrow his bike.

When Randy takes a kid's money, Napoleon offers that kid protection, to help Pedro's campaign as class president. Outside, that same kid's bike gets stolen by Randy. Pedro's cousins drive up beside the scene, and one shakes his head at Randy. Scared, he runs off. It is unknown if he bullies anyone again.

Randy does not appear in the animated series.