Principal Svadean is the principal of Preston High. His name is found in the credits. He is portrayed by Tom Lefler.


Principal Svadean is portrayed as a bad principal and an ignorant man. He is ignorant of the bullying going on in the school, as well as the other problems, like gangs, as told by Napoleon. He makes a few racist jabs at Pedro. Examples are asking if he understands English, and assuming Juarez, Mexico is a bad place for making piñata's of people, and is unprideful. He is also very stern, by forcing Pedro to take down his campaign flyers.


Principal Svadean is first seen welcoming Pedro to Preston High. He gets frustrated when Pedro is unable to find his locker, and he tasks Napoleon with showing Pedro to his locker.

He is next seen scolding Pedro for making a piñata that resembles Summer Wheatley. Principal Svadean forces Pedro to take down his campaign flyers as a punishment.

He is last seen announcing for the class presidencial final speech. Here, he seems to hold no bias with Pedro.