Preston Senior High School is the local high school in Preston, Idaho. It is where a lot of the action in Napoleon Dynamite takes place. The principal is Principal Svadean, a seemingly uptight and strict man. It is also an actual high school.


Preston High first appears in Peluca. It is confirmed that this school is Preston High from the artwork around the walls, notably one that says "P.H.S.". The only 5 known students in the movie are Seth, Randy, Gail, Pedro and Gail's girlfriend. The school is seemingly the same as the school from the movie.


preston High has a variety of clubs, including a Future Farmers of America club, a Happy Hands Club, a sports team named the Indians, a student council of some kind (as there is usually one with a class presidency), and possibly more. Preston High also has an auditorium, a nurses office, a cafeteria, locker rooms, a basketball court, and a playground.


The most noticeable problem is the bullying problem in Preston High. There are countless events of bullying, mostly with Randy and Don. There also seems to be very little staff, as the only ones in the movie are Principal Svadean, the nurse, and the teacher who calls Napoleon up for his oral report. Napoleon also mentions "like a buttload of gangs at this school", though he could just be trying to look cool, like he has numeous times before.