Pedro vs. Deb
Season 1, Episode 4
ND 1ast05 still 05
Air date February 12, 2012
Written by Dan Vebber
Directed by Edmund Fong
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Pedro vs. Deb is the fourth episode of the first season of Napoleon Dynamite.


When sales for the school paper plummet and the school threatens to shut it down, Deb comes to the rescue with the promise of a great story that will save The Preston Bugle. She decides to do an interview with Pedro, the school president, and is thrilled when he grants her unlimited access. Unfortunately, Deb’s article puts in him hot water with the townspeople, and even Napoleon’s sweet dance moves can’t save the day.

Consequently, Napoleon, Deb and Pedro must come up with a more exciting local story that will take the focus off of Pedro and repair the damage to Pedro and Deb’s friendship, leaving Napoleon in the middle.