Pedro Sanchez
Full Name
Pedro Sanchez
Napoleon dynamite, Deb
First Appearance
Napoleon Dynamite
Portrayed by
Efren Ramirez
Voiced by
Efren Ramirez

Pedro sanchez is a character in napoleon dynamite, he is napoleon's best friend and runs for class president, defeating summer wheatley. Racist jokes sometimes are pulled on him, summer saying she did not want to eat chimme changas, the principle scolding him and mentioning mexican culture when people would make piñatas out of other people and hit them, and saying he cannot do that up in the school after he made a piñata out of summer. He has two cousins that ride in an open air vehicle and shake their heads to bullies. He is portrayed and voiced by Efren Ramirez

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Just draw a picture of the girl you want to take out,

and give it to her for, like, a gift or something. "

—Pedro Sanchez

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