Pedro Peluca

Pedro is a student at Preston High and a character in Peluca. He is portrayed by Greg Hansen.


Pedro is much less shy and awkward then his 2 friends Gail and Seth. He is the only character in Peluca that is not based off of a movie character (although he shares his name with Pedro Sanchez. He is first seen defending Seth when Randy harasses him and insults his drawings. Pedro hits Randy when he squeezes Seth's shoulders. At lunchtime, Pedro and Seth decide to skip next period to find Gail a wig. They do not have enough for a wig, so they buy a lotto ticket in hopes that they win enough for a wig. They win $10 from a ticket, and they buy Gail a wig at the store. Pedro is last seen in the second last scene, walking back into the school with Gail.


(Regarding Seth's drawings)"I don't know, I think he draws pretty good."

"Randy's a big loser anyways. He shouldn't be messing with people's necks like that."

"My uncle has a dojo in Mexico. He used to give me and my cousin free karate lessons, like, everyday."

(explaining what happened to Gail) "Last night, he was complaining his hair made his head get real hot, so he decided to shave it all off. And now, he doesn't want anyone to see, especially his girlfriend."

(When Seth leaves to go home) "There goes a true hero."

"Let's vomanos."