is a farmer, who helps Napoleon at points in the movie. He is portrayed by Dale Critchlow.


Lyle is a farmer of pigs, cows, chickens, and possibly more. He is also a minister, or at least acts as one. When the Dynamite family are running low on steak, Lyle helps them. He shoots a cow in the face, in front of a school bus of children to do this.

He is next seen employing Napoleon and 3 other boys to put away chickens into cages. They are rewarded with a lunch, and Lyle's partner pays them low amounts of money in change.

He is last seen at Kip and LaFawnduh's wedding. He is the minister, and among wedding formalities, he also gives them pieces of advice.

TV seriesEdit

Lyle makes an appearance in the TV series. He appears in Ligertown as one of the people at the meeting discussing the Liger infestation. Later in the episode, he attempts to hunt them atop Uncle Rico's van, but a swift turn knocks him and a few other hunters off the van.


"Now if it only worked smooth." - Said when operating his gun to shoot the cow Edit

"Over in that pig pen I found a couple of Shoshone arrowheads." - said when he is at the chicken farm

"When an argument arises, if you go outside and take a nice walk, you'll calm down and you can come back, and it won't be an argument. And you'll find that it helps your health, all that fresh air and exercise will do you a lot of good." - Said at Kip and LaFawnduh's wedding, it is his advice to them.

"I say we all urinate in the same mug and sprinkle it on our crops!" - Lyle's solution to everything, as stated in the episode Ligertown.

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