Season 1, Episode 3
Ligertown 01
Air date January 29, 2012
Written by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess
Directed by Crystal Chesney-Thompson
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Pedro vs. Deb

Ligertown is the third episode of Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon's belief in the general awesomeness of Liger's (lion-tiger hybrids) is shattered when he gets a job at a liger farm and finds that they may not be the magnificent beasts he has always imagined. Deb's sweetness helps to restore his faith.


Pedro and Napoleon are riding home from school on Pedro's bike when Napoleon wonders if one can survive sneezing, farting, burping and coughing at the same time. He decides to test this, and during the experiment he flies up into the air and lands on Grandma. Angered, his Grandma accuses him of being a sponge and saying he should get a job. Napoleon questions why Kip doesn't have to get a job, and Grandma explains that Kip is too fragile and is already occupied with being her seeing eye person.

At his school, his counsellor, Suzanne Critchlow, names off various jobs for Napoleon. Napoleon decides to become a liger farmer, due to his obsession with ligers. At the liger farm, he finds out that ligers are not the magic possessing creatures he had believed, but are instead lazy, docile animals. One liger gives birth, causing Napoleon to faint.

Having fainted, Napoleon dreams that he is in a fantasy world, riding on Tina and wearing a brown robe. Shasta, a liger in the world, greets Napoleon. Shasta commands Napoleon to raise the newborn liger, as Shasta explains that this liger is the last hope for all ligers.

Napoleon wakes up, and finds the newborn liger in its mother's arms. Napoleon snatches the liger and replaces it with one of his moon boots.

The ligers notices the newborn ks gone and escape and wreck havoc around the town while leaving Tots N' Nugs, Napoleon and Deb notices the mob, but Grandma comes to the rescue.

As the Ligers surround the house, the cub goes missing(in the backyard). As Napoleon tries to calm down the pride, the cub soars through the sky and is reunited with his family. As Pedro gave the Ligers a natural habitat, Chesta Congratulates Napoleon on restoring his pride(DOUBLE MEANING SWEET!), and tells him that Snefurpts are impossible at least in his dimension. Napoleon, Pedro, and Deb begin collecting trash cans around town. It was the best freaking day of Napoleons life!

Errors Edit

The first Liger was born in 1948, which makes the Harry S. Truman's liger invasion idea impossible.