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LaFawnduh with Kip.

LaFawnduh Lucas-Dynamite is Kip Dynamite's lover and wife. She is portrayed by Shondrella Avery.


LaFawnduh is seen as sort of seductive, with also an urban background to her. Her looks also made Kip change the way he looked and acted, though she did not force him to do this, he did this in his own free will to impress her. She is also interested in hip-hop, and dresses very urban. She marries Kip in the end.


LaFawnduh is originally from Detroit, and she would enter online chatrooms looking for love, which is where she found Kip. She sent him pictures of herself, though only of the face, and would be sent Kip's poetry. Unfortunately, Kip lived all the way in Preston, Idaho, but using Kip's money from his door-to-door salesman business, and presumably some of her own, she took a bus to Idaho to meet Kip.

Kip and LaFawnduh became very close immediately, and they went on many dates and met places in a few days. Kip also underwent a change, becoming more urban and outspoken to impress LaFawnduh, a change from his quiet and shy earlier persona. Eventually, Kip went back to Detroit with LaFawnduh, where they stayed together for an unknown amount of time.

Eventually, Kip and LaFawnduh got married together, 2 months after the events of Napoleon Dynamite. Here, her family can be seen, who are ashamed that she is getting married to Kip.


  • Oddly, LaFawnduh does not appear or is even mentioned in the TV series, even though Kip had married her. Kip appears in the TV series just as he did before he met LaFawnduh, without his "street" clothes and with his wimpiness. Jared Hess has stated that the series takes place before the marriage, but after Pedro's election.

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