Gail is a student at Preston High and a character in the short film, Peluca. He is portrayed by Chris Sanchez.


Gail is very shy and barely talks at all during the short, though this could be because he is more fluent in Spanish than English. His character is very similar to Pedro Sanchez. The night before the events of Peluca, Gail shaved his head because of the heat it was causing. Due to his new look, he did not want his girlfriend (Sarah Barton) to see his head, so the next day he wore his hood over his head. To help him out, Seth and Pedro decided to skip with him to buy a lottery ticket. Despite being underage, Gail's mustache fooled a gas station clerk into selling him a lottery ticket. They won $10, which was enough to buy a wig for Gail. Seth saw a fanny pack that costed $5, but decided against buying it. At school, Gail proudly greeted his girlfriend without the shyness he was experiencing before. After that, he walks back with Pedro into the school.


"Un lotto ticket, por favor."

"Thank you."