If you a problem with anything on this wiki please contact the corresponding admin the Head Admins: Zombie dropper and Tavante

Zombie dropper Maintenance focused. Commonly seen fixing errors and making periodical updates to pages others miss. Active
Default Image and graphics Has designed most of our themes. Maintains our images and CSS. Just call me the Picture man. Inactive
Mario Mario Page editor. Currently creating new pages and editing old ones. Makes sure wiki is safe and never vandalized. Contact if you see wiki vandalism. Inactive
Startug Wiki helper. Often seen adding pictures to galleries and creating userboxes. Active
PixarFan Wiki updater. Researches news from media for information about upcoming episodes. I try my hardest to give out the correct infomation. Active
Wikia Moniter. Often deletes rude comments, pages not needed, and reverts vandalism. I also watch the chats. Active
Tavante The admin who is there for you if you have troubles with someone or with editing.I will most likely be editing important things . so if you have a problem leave a message on my talkpage and dont forget to leave a signature. Active


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